Sr. No Category Activity Details Area/Beneficiaries
1 Educational Projects Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation is marching forward in implementing the most prominent educational programmes viz., “Balyam”–Childhood Development Programme, “Sweekaaram”–Schools Adoption and Supporting Programme and “Vidyaa Shree”–Student Men
2 BALYAM- CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME It is a school readiness programme for 3 to 5 years age children. The Child is given freedom to do and to learn what he likes. As far as Balyam is concerned, "love is the language and play is the method,". Hence the Balyam should be called as the Second
3 SWEEKAARAM: SCHOOLS ADOPTION AND SUPPORT PROGRAMME Launched in the year 2008 to Provide Corporate look and facilities to the urban Poor Students by the help of the Donors. Under Sweekaarm Programme our students are feeling proud and happy as they are getting corporate facilities by the Donors. So far 24
4 VIDYAA SHREE (STUDENT MENTORING PROGRAMME) “VIDYAA SHREE” Support to Poor and Meritorious Students for further college education to the underprivileged students, who are studying in Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Schools & who have higher aims and aspirations, dreaming about a promis